Our Hytera Solutions bring all the innovation, modern design and products that are feature rich to enable more every day

Hytera terminals are the ideal contemporary choices, Hytera DMR Systems ensure cost-effective and flexible networking and are available for further expansion – including enriched data applications and everything for a new digital era.



Entry level digital radio that is rugged and reliable with an excellent performance record.

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PD3 Series

Pocket size and easy to carry. Ideal for hospitality and events.

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Small and sleek entry level radio. Ideal for security companies of Community Patrol organisations.

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Digital radio with a built in RFID reader, to allow guards the efficiency of communicating and complete their patrols with one device.

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PD5 Series

IP54 rated digital radio ideal for shopping centres and warehouses.

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PD6 Series

Hytera PD6 series offers you GPS and Mandown. A further development port allows for third party applications to extend the radio's functionality.

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PD7 Series

This versatile radio has optional GPS, Mandown, Lone Worker and vibrate features.

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PD7 UL913 Series

Intrinsically Safe radios designed to be easy to operate when wearing gloves in the harshest of environments.


Environmentally safe, reliable ATEX radio with an innovative silicone encapsulate technology.

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PD9 Series

The first FULL DUPLEX radio that allows calls to be recorded on the radio onto a micro SD card.

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X1 Series

The world’s thinnest full feature digital radio. Designed for the covert environment where secure, descreet communications are essential.

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MD6 Series

Lightweight, sleek and stylish mobile radio. All controls are initiated via the microphone, allowing for discreet installation.

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MD7 Series

Versatile digital mobile radio with superior voice quality and a user-centred design.

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A wall mount repeater that integrates the RF, Power Supply and duplexer into a sleek unit.

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This IP67 Portable repeater can be combined with a backpack, antenna, battery and microphone, making it the essential solution for emergency situations.

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This repeater offers more than just reliability. With 16 channels, excellent heat dissipation, and handy management, it’s the ideal repeater for your system.

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This intelligent, super repeater can operate in various modes off the same hardware platfrom, simply by applying upgrade software.


Hytera Smart Dispatch

Dispatching system with features such as GPS Tracking, Voice Recording and PSTN.

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Patrol System Software

Allows you to monitor the check-ins done with the PD415 radio and accompanying patrol checkpoint tags.


Repeater Diagnostic and Control software that allows you to monitor your repeaters remotely.


Tier 3

Hytera’s Tier 3 Trunking systems are available in a LITE and PRO version. Both are ETSI Standard compliant, and provide the user with a feature-rich, mission critical solution that covers large geographical areas.

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Hytera’s XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunk) system, is a Trunking System without the need for a control channel. Quick deployment, combined with a simple infrastructure and architecture, makes XPT an economical and practical digital solution.

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