Motorola incorporated was founded in Chicago, USA, in 1928. Due to global expansion within the radio communications field, a South African branch was consolidated through a distributor in 1963.

As a result of the fast growing communications market in South Africa, Motorola opened a corporate office in Wynberg (Johannesburg) in 1975.

In 1985 Motorola South Africa (Pty) Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Technologies Limited (Altech). The Motorola two-way products were merged under the distribution arm of Alcom Systems, a division of Altech.

Alcom Radio Distributors (Pty) Limited has been operating independent of Alcom System (Pty) Limited since 1995. Prior to thisa single company under the name of Alcom Systems provided products and services across the entire spectrum of radio communication user needs. The purpose of this separation was to focus on the bulk user and dealer network markets, while simultaneously reducing overheads and ultimately costs to the end user. Alcom Radio Distributors has become a finely tuned vehicle successfully fulfilling the goal of providing the best quality product at the most reasonable price while at the same time being supported by the financial strength of Altron and the unquestioned engineering skills and capability of Alcom Systems. The Alcom companies, previously operating as Motorola South Africa, have collectively been operating in South Africa for over fifty years.

Motorola Solutions

Remaster Your Workforce with the Right Digital Radio.

Motorola's diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios offer solutions that better enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce. From the front desk to the factory dock, moving across campus or around the country, MOTOTRBO radios are connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work. Information is instantaneous. Decision-making becomes easier. Safety gets stronger. Productivity increases. Service improves and customers are more satisfied.

Whether you want ultra-thin portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth or industry-leading data applications, we have the right radio that fits your needs today and evolves with new features to address your requirements tomorrow. Our radios are trusted by millions of users and designed with a robust mix of features to increase workforce efficiency, productivity and safety. Case studies are available on the Motorola Solutions website that cover the following verticals:- Education, Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Mining, National Government, Security Industry, Oil and Gas, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities, Wildlife Protection. 

Consumer Two-Way Radios

Whether you have a taste for adventure in the wilderness, or need to supplement your disaster/emergency preparedness, our range of consumer two-way radios can help you keep your family and friend’s safe.

TLKR T60 - Twin Pack

The T60 walkie talkie is license free and includes key features such as LCD display, 8 channels and up to 8 km range and no call charges.

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Business Light Two-Way Radios

Short-range commercial-grade radios for smaller organizations with simple requirements. A selection of cost-effective analog or digital handheld devices that allow your staff to stay connected.

CLK446 Business Radio - Retail Solution

Sleek, lightweight and comfortable to wear, the CLK446 clicks with your professional image and environment. Do more with Less Extended Talk Range: CLK446 can communicate up to 7,400 square meters / 6 floors. CLK 446 PLUS is repeater compatible, allowing you to achieve even greater coverage.

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XT400 Business Two-Way Radio

Help businesses communicate instantly with crisp, clear audio and exceptional durability. The XT400 Series delivers great performance even with hard use in high noise, harsh conditions.

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MOTOTRBO Professional Two-Way Radios

Operations-critical radio products, designed for professional and commercial communications. The comprehensive portfolio of digital MOTOTRBO devices includes rugged portables, sophisticated mobiles and sleek handhelds.

DP1400 Digital Portable Radio

Simple and affordable, the DP1400 portable two-way radio can support analogue and digital modes to connect your workforce efficiently.

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DP2000e Digital Two-Way Radios Series

With systems support and loud, clear audio, these next-generation radios deliver cost-effective connectivity to your organization. Now available as an Affordable Alternative IS Solution with Intrinsically Safe Batteries and is MASC Approved for Environments - IB i/ii 2 B or IB i/ii 2C.

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DP3000e Series Compact Portable Two-Way Radio

With a compact design and high-performance integrated voice and data, these radios deliver comprehensive connectivity to your organization.

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DP4000 EX Digital Radios Series

ATEX certified digital DMR two-way radio for use in hazardous environments.

DP4000e Digital Two-Way Radio Series

With high-performance integrated voice and data, and advanced features for efficient operation, these radios deliver complete connectivity to your organization.

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SL1600 Ultra-slim Two-Way Radio

SL1600 Simple and reliable communication for the mobile, everyday user. With a slim, easy-to-use design, the SL1600 has the latest technology for optimum performance when you need it.

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SL2600 Two-Way Portable Radio

With its slim, lightweight design, the MOTOTRBO SL2600 portable two-way radio is stylish and discreet.

SL4000e Smart two-way radios

The slim, light form factor incorporates high-performance integrated voice and data, delivering smart connectivity to your organization.

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